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Client Tools for Umbraco

This project offers a Client Tool for umbraco. It provides usefull additional features for webadministrators using umbraco, like a logviewer and a version cleaner.

Client Tools for Umbraco is a set of tools for maintening or using umbraco (also available on codeplex) The most tools are used as offline tools with a webservice connection to the umbrao installation(s).

Client Tools for Umbraco goes out from my utilities for umbraco (

Feel free to give me your feedback and input


For all of you that have used the Issue tracker and discussions here on codeplex: I thought I would get emails if someone is entering some issues. This was my fault and I will look into it in the next weeks after reworking the version cleaner.


In the last weeks I got many messages about growing databases from umbraco. From this reason many people asked me for the version cleaner. I AM REWORKING THE VERSION CLEANER. Please be patient, I will update the Tools with v1.6 with a new set of functions for the version cleaners.

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